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At CalmWaves our mission is to help people improve their brain to live bigger and better lives.

Dr. Douglas Cowan
Co-Founder and Clinical Director

Douglas Cowan, Psy.D., M.S. has been in the Mental Health and brain performance field for over 35 years. He has had an estimated 30,000 individual sessions with clients seeking relief from anxiety, ADHD, depression, concussions, PTSD, and much more. He is a gifted counselor, mentor, coach, and speaker.

Dr. Doug now focuses his efforts on helping people to be more successful in sports or in business by using his experience and tools from clinical practice. He has expertise in several brain performance treatment technologies such as the "Peak Achievement Trainer" traditional neurofeedback, "Direct or Micro-current Neurofeedback", EFT Tapping, breathing strategies for physiological changes, and Cranial Electrical Stimulation technologies such as CES Ultra.

Brain Performance Center

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Our brain performance center is built for professionals and organizations who are looking to compete and thrive.