Instant results
What to expect

- Pleasant tingling sensation
- Gradual relaxation

Day 1-3

- Normalization of sleep patterns
- Decreased nervous energy and frenetic behavior
- Faster onset of sleep on going to bed
- Feeling of being rested on waking in the morning
- Elevation of mood. Fewer and shorter periods of waking at night

results built with time
Week 1

- Diminished mood swings
- Fewer episodes of irrational anger and irritability
- Improved impulse control
- Greater sense of balance, centeredness, and calm
- A pleasant, detached state and quieting of the mind

Week 2-3

- Diminished mental confusion
- Heightened clarity and alertness
- Improved task concentration
- Normalized information recall
- Heightened ability to focusIncreased mental energy
- Accelerated learning

What is the CalmBox
The CalmBox is a cranial electric stimulator (CES). The CES Ultra is an FDA-regulated device for treating stress and stress, anxiety and sleep. It is portable, easy to use, non-habit-forming and has been proven in over 100 scientific and research studies. It can reduce anxiety, leaving the user feeling both relaxed and alert. Results are cumulative and lasting and have helped thousands of users in the clinical world.
helps durning the day

- Reduction of chronic pain
- improved mental clarity
- reduced stress and anxiety
- improved cognitive function
helps at night

- Calm down before bed
- Fall asleep faster
- Sleep better
- Create healthy sleep habits
Still not convinced?
- 60 Day Money-back Guarantee.
- Either feel the results or get your money back.
- you'll know within 14 days if this is a device for you
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over 50 years of research and 100+ studies
The CalmWaves Stimulator is an FDA-registered cranial electrotherapy device that can be used to treat anxiety, insomnia and other stress-related disorders. This portable device emits small electrical currents to target those symptoms.

The CES Ultra is an FDA-regulated device for treating stress and stress-related disorders. It has been used internationally since the 1950s and is well-researched for safety and effectiveness. It is portable and easy to use, cost-effective, non-habit-forming and has been proven in over 100 scientific and research studies.

CES's most immediate impact is reduction of anxiety. Many experience that relief in the course of treatment; others, in the hours, or days afterwards. CES leaves the user feeling both relaxed and alert. Its effect differs from pharmaceutical treatments in that people report feeling their bodies as lighter and more relaxed and their mind more alert and clear. Results are cumulative and lasting.
Guaranteed results

Frequently Asked

How is this a 60 day guarantee?

We want you to successful. This is why we offer a 60 day money-back garentee is you do not feel like the CES is helping you. Send back the CES unit and we will refund your money, no questions asked.

Contact Dallas at for more details.

How many people deal with Anxiety and Sleep trouble?


It is estimated that 20% of adults suffered from some type of anxiety disorder in just the past 12
months, and 31% of adults will experience some type of anxiety disorder at some time in their lives.

For those with anxiety disorders, 44% are “mild,” 33% are “moderate,” and 23% are “serious.”
There are an estimated 210 million adults in the United States. So doing the math:

 42,000,000 adults suffered from some form of anxiety in past 12 months
32,350,000 adults have “mild” to “moderate” levels of anxiety disordersIt is estimated that 32% of adolescents had some form of an anxiety disorder.

For teenagers with anxiety disorders, 92% were “mild” or “moderate,” and 8% were severe.
There are approximately 21,000,000 teenagers in the United States. So doing the math:

 6,700,000 teenagers suffer from some form of anxiety disorder
  6,180,000 have “mild” to “moderate” levels of anxiety disorders

Of these millions of adults and teenagers with anxiety disorders it is estimated that 16,800,000 are prescribed Xanax. Of those who use Xanax daily for six week or more, 40% will become addicted to their Xanax.


The National Institutes of Health estimates that 70,000,000 Americans have chronic sleep disorders.

About 30% report never getting enough sleep at night, and 20% report having insomnia.

What do people do to try to get sleep?
 20% took vitamins and supplements
 10% used marijuana
 8% used over-the-counter sleep aids such as Unisom
 7% used prescription sleep aids such as Ambien
 6% drank alcohol
 5% used CBD oil

The CES Ultra treatment technology is a 50 year old technology that brings sleep, lowers anxiety, and

provides clear thinking. There are hundreds of academic research papers on Cranial Electrical
Stimulation therapy in all of its forms. We recommend the units from CES Ultra because they have the same specifications are 80% of the clinical research, they are cost effective, they deliver great value and they have 60 day money back guarantee.

Is it safe or addictive?

This product is considered safe and effective by the FDA and is not addictive.

Do I need a prescription? 

A CES unit must be purchased through a licensed health car provider in order to be manufactured. By purchasing the product through it meets this requirement.

Success Stories


I work in a high-stress environment. My job has thrown my body-clock totally out of whack. I hadn't been able to get a good solid night's sleep for many months. I don't believe in taking sleeping pills, so when a friend recommended that I try the CES Ultra, I was eager to do so. After only a few times using it while watching TV, I noticed the effect almost immediately. It began to restore my sleep patterns back to normal...

Susan K

I had been searching for a natural solution to my sleep problems because I knew that the sleeping pills I had been taking were only making the problem worse. I think that the very first time I tried this solution, I became hooked on the experience. As soon as I started using your machine, I could feel the relaxing effect almost immediately and because this device was totally natural and had no negative side effects, for me, it was the perfect solution. It not only reduced my stress and tension levels but it actually gave me a good night's sleep. As a result, I have made it a regular part of my everyday life and as a matter of fact, the more I use it, the better I feel.

Neil K

Thank you for taking the time to follow up with me. It is great to see effort of people such as yourself to help others with their sleep problems. I have used the machine for almost three months now, usually on a weekly basis. Now I only use it when I find difficulty falling asleep. I turn the device on and within 30 minutes I am asleep. For 15 years I have had constant sleep problems and now thanks to your machine, I am able to get a good night's sleep.

Sherry M

I am so glad that a friend of mine directed me to The CES Ultra. I have been astonished with the results. Within a few weeks I noticed a big improvement in my memory and I was more focused and alert while studying. What a great product!

Dana K
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