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A powerful synergy of validated brain technologies unified in one program.

Science and art under one roof.

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How it works

The CalmWaves Brain Health and Performance Center is expertly designed for organizations looking to boost team performance, elite athletes seeking to enhance their competitive edge, and high-end entrepreneurs aiming to sustain peak performance while preventing burnout.

Our premium package starts at $20,000 and includes a comprehensive suite of services and tools:

  • Direct Neurofeedback System: An advanced technology for optimizing brain function.
  • Mendi: A cutting-edge tool for brain training and cognitive enhancement.
  • Calmbox: A specially curated kit to promote mental wellness and relaxation.
  • Cognitive Testing: Comprehensive assessments to evaluate and track cognitive function.
  • On-site Training: Personalized, professional guidance at your location.
  • Travel and Accommodation for Training: We cover your travel and hotel expenses for training sessions.
  • One Year of Support: Ongoing assistance and consultation to ensure long-term success and benefits.

30+ years & over 30,000 brain sessions of experience shared with your staff.

How it works

Our training is built from Dr. Douglas Cowan's 35+ years of experience and over 30,000 sessions.

We make sure all of your staff are competent in the technology and practices to operate the brain technology.

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Frequently asked questions

01. How much does it cost to set up a brain center with staff certification?

Certification and sourcing the brain technology for the brain center cost between $18,500 and $20,000 depending on location and size of the facility.

02. How long does it take to be certified?

We offer a library of videos to start the certification process. We do require a half day of hands on training by a CalmWaves staff to be fully certified.

03. What is the difference between Direct Neurofeedback and EMDR?

The main difference is that the client does not have talk about their trauma in order to get better. Because DNF helps the brain where the trauma lives - the client does not need to relive the past trauma to get better.  

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