Brain Performance Center for Football

Why is this important?

1. Players brain health and performance is important for now and the future. 

2. Because football is a head trauma filled sport.

3. Create a competitive advantage for internal and external marketing and recruitment. 

Who will benefit from this?

Coaching and leadership
Support staff
Players families
The organization and university

"Out of all the college and professional football players' brains studied,
67% showed signs of CTE."
- Mayo Clinic

Our Solution

The Brain Performance Center

Built to help players with: 

- Performance on the field (Win more games)
- Performance in the class room (Graduate more players) 
- Help with longterm issues of receptive head impacts
- Be a recruiting advantage for those who are first adopters

Technology used in Brain Performance Center

- Direct Neurofeedback
- Traditional Neurofeedback
- CalmBox (CES Unit) 
- Mendi (Brain Bloodflow Tech)
Certified Training
Program Overseen by Experts

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